Wednesday, 11 September 2013



I’ve heard a lot of review about Haba Lado and almost have positive reaction. I really feel interest said that this is non chemical, natural, non-paraben and bla bla blaaaa…. So, when I went to Hypermart I decided to take it. For trial, I choose to take the Facial wash. Hada Labo Tamagohada. There are so many variant and honestly I really confuse to decided because I don’t really familiar and not know much information. Kekekee~ :-D

And, Ouchhh… by the way, I was with my crazy friend ISHONK when I bought it in Hypermart. :-D my partner in crime in skin care world … ^^v

First of all, it’s non-perfume, so the smell is reaaaally natural!!! :-D it’s smell like spoiled coconut oil, Mmmm…I also think it’s like hairs that have never been shampoo for a week. >.<
Eooowww, I don’t like the smell. -____-
When, I read the ingredients, there is SODIUM METHYL COCOIL TAURATE. I took not of the COCOYL word. COCOYL,,, maybe from COCONUT,,, so is that why its smell like spoiled coconut oil??? Kekekekee~ ^^v sorry if I get it wrong, I’m chemical expert… :-D and beside that, it’s not really foamy like another facial wash. Maybe because it using really natural ingredients J

Unfortunately, after used it my face harvested acnes. It grows almost every where on face. Especially, on my cheek. There are many Big and red acnes. (T____T) I keep continue used it, because I think it might be the adaptation of my skin and purging process. So, I kept on using it. But after 1 month the acnes still grows.
Finally, I decided to not use it anymore. I want to buy the other varian of this product, but I’m afraid that it won’t work on my skin. I don’t want spending money for something that not works even just make worse. But, actually each person have different skin type and acceptance of  the product different too. Many good review about this product. But in me, it’s not work at all.

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