Tuesday, 20 August 2013



Cleaning face is one of an important thing to do to make your face keep healthy and far away from problem such as acne, oily, dirty, etc. Milk cleansing and face tonic are one of way to cleaning face. It’s more light and not really irritating our face, especially for me because I have oily face and acne prone skin. If I don’t handle my face well, then the acne will come out every where on my face.
*Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal*

To make sure that my face keep clean and fresh, I using this Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic. To be honest, at the first time I don’t really interest in all VIVA Products? Why? Because its cost so cheap. I’ve been spending my money for expensive products and didn’t work at all. But my mom advices me to try it because she uses Viva product and she haves good skin. But, it took a long time to me to finally decide, YES, I TAKE THAT PRODUCT. Then, I went to the store and bought it. There are so many variant for any skin type. Dry, oily, combination skin are available. I took the LEMON because it is for oily and to treat acne prone skin.

The milk cleanser and tonic are smell so lemon but not so strength like lemon room-refresher fragrance. Hehehe… :-D it’s quiet good. The milk cleanser texture is just like another milk cleanser. A thick liquid, somewhat like a cream, but it is not so creamy. The  face tonic, of course it’s a liquid. Every face tonic is like that.

I don’t have explain how to use, I think everybody knew it. ^^

Just straight to the result. OK, it’s really clean my face. Clean away the dirt, and oil from my face. My face feel so fresh after use it. And insensibly, my acnes are clean one by one too after I use this for a long time, I don’t how long because I didn’t count. It just happened and I don’t realize until I check out my face thorough. ^^ You know, when I was having super acnes problem I’m little bit keep my self away from mirror… :-D hehehe
But, unfortunately Viva Face Tonic contain ETHANOL,,, which is alcohol derivate. That’s why after 5 minutes using face tonic, I wash my face with water. Just water, I don’t use face wash if I using cleanser. I using cleansing in the evening, but sometimes in the morning.

So, maybe you can try it too Ladies. There are many variant of Viva Milk cleansing and face tonic, so just pick the variant that appropriate to your skin. Don’t ever judge a book from its cover. Cheap cost doesn’t meaning that it is not good. It’s up to your skin. And Viva is Indonesian cosmetic so I think it’s more understand our skin and they designed it appropriate to the condition in Indonesia which is SO HOT!!! So, You never know when you never try. J

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