Tuesday, 20 August 2013



First of all, it is non-waterproof. It’s a regular mascara. Second, I want to tell from the very first time that I don’t satisfied with this mascara. The things that make me not satisfied is because it take a long time to get dry. Mean while, to make an outstanding result you have to using it double, double and double. When you double it while it’s still not dry yet, you will find clotting mascara on your lashes. That’s what happened to me. *___* and, when I got sweat, *Maa Sha ALLAH* ,,,, I really became a ‘PANDA’ because of its smudge. O___O You will find out that I nearly look like Po in KUNGFU PANDA. O____O
So, you need more time to make outstanding lashes. -____-

In catalogue, they said that this mascara can make our lashes longer in 4 weeks *If I’m not make a mistake*, this is the reason why I bought it. But, in the end I don’t feel any difference  before and after of usage this mascara. -___-

But, I like the brush of this mascara. Because it’s really spreads our lashes out. If only it’s waterproof and can dry fast, I will really like it.

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